How can I contact you?

Please click here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Are your products Vegan?

It's very important to us that no animal is harmed during the making of our products so most of our products are 100% vegan. If they aren’t vegan, they’ll be clearly marked. Of course, all of our products are completely cruelty free and never tested on animals.

Do you do custom, wholesale or private label orders?

Absolutely! Submit your request via our Contact page and we'll happily discuss pricing and options.

Are your products gluten and nut free?

No. Sorry. We use nut oils in most of our soaps and gluten-related products in some of our range.

Your products smell and look delicious. Can I eat them?

Thank you! But no, please don’t eat them! No, not even a lick. We know it can be very tempting to give them a taste but our products are for external use only.

Will my soap look exactly like the soap in the photo?

We do our best to photograph our soaps so that colours and design details are accurate. However, due to the nature of artisan products, please expect slight variations and tiny imperfections. We believe this lends to the handmade nature of the products. Each soap really is one of a kind.

How long will my soap last?

This is a tough question because, of course, everyone is different! But, as long as you keep your soap dry between uses, they should last quite a long time (for instance, we find one of our large bars lasts two of us around 7 weeks for handwashing and showering every day. But, like we say, we’re all different and you may get more or less use out of your soap than we do!). Using a soap draining tray to help drain the water away from your bar between uses should prolong the life of your soap.

p.s., we happen to sell them if you want to pick one up.

Bamboo Soap Dish

Hey! My soap doesn’t weigh as much as it says on the label!

First of all, sorry about that, we didn’t mean to alarm you. But don’t worry, we weren’t fibbing when we put that weight on there and we aren’t trying to swindle you. But, like us, soap does dehydrate. Don’t panic though, this is perfectly normal. It won’t shrink down to the size of a pea or anything! Soap naturally loses between 8% and 12% of the water it was created with as it cures (through evaporation) and it’s already lost most of that by the time it gets to you – as it’s fully cured by the time you purchase it - so what it weighs now should be how it stays. Until you use it, of course! Then it will definitely shrink! 😉

Do you accept returns and give refunds?

Your satisfaction is our goal and we truly believe you’ll love our products, but we understand that sometimes things happen outwith our control. So, on that note:

  • We offer refunds or exchanges in certain circumstances but ask that you let us know what it was that you disliked about your product so we can avoid this issue happening in future. Please note, you’ll need to cover the shipping cost if you’d like an exchange.
  • Unfortunately, due to the sanitary nature of our products, we don’t accept returns. If you're unsatisfied with your product, please contact bowenislandsoap@yahoo.com and we'll be happy to discuss your concerns.
  • Please note, Bowen Island Soap Co. does not accept responsibility for issues / damage occurring during shipping.


Thank you so much for ordering from us!

We hope you love your soap and products as much as we love making them!


Love & Suds,

Bowen Island Soap Co.