About Us

Over here at BISCo we believe in the gift of guffaws. And belly laughs. And snort smiles.

Basically, all-round joy.

And we know you do, too. That's why every product we make is made to make you smile because it's our mission to help you spread that joy to those you love – even if that’s yourself – because life’s too short for frowns (plus, frowning is terrible for wrinkles so really it’s a double plus).




We also know that you're passionate about self-care and creating community. And that you LOVE to make a difference and look after the planet, just like we do.

So, we hand-craft everything right here in our studio on Bowen Island, BC, from cruelty-free, plant-based, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials because these are the things that matter.

Oh, and every time you purchase, you help us plant more trees with our partner, One Tree Planted, because, let’s face it, trees are f*ck!n awesome.

Gift joy. Gift BISCo.

And because we know you’re pretty effin’ busy being an all-round, butt-kickin’, superstar, we wrap everything for you and ship it all from our studio right here on Bowen.

Because life’s too short to spend more of your precious time hunting down that perfect present.

So, whether it's for you or for someone totally kick ass, we've got the perfect gift. And you can walk away feeling good inside and out knowing you made the right choice for you and the planet.

So, we ask that you fully research your options prior to purchase including reading our descriptions (plus any other necessary research) to ensure an you make an informed purchase as we cannot make that decision for you.

You're basically a gift giving super hero.

So, give us a try and help us plant some more trees. Because seriously, trees are f*ck!n awesome.

And so, by the way, are you.

Not sure what awesome gift to buy?

Drop us a note! We love helping peeps with prezzies!

Need an extra special touch?

Let us know and we'll add in a hand written note or giftwrap (check out the options at checkout) because srsly we've seen your handwriting.


BISCo's founder, Helen, hails from the UK (a mix of Yorkshire+Scotland) and moved to Canada because she had a maple syrup addiction.**

After bravely conquering that (and the Grouse Grind) she moved to Bowen Island, in British Columbia, with her 2 cats and fell in love with the island and all of its quirks.

Once island life had truly taken root, BISCo was born in 2018 and has been kicking ass and making awesome plant-based, sustainable products for its worldwide audience ever since.

You can find our products right here on the website

Or follow us on social media on Instagram or Facebook @bowenislandsoapco

Spreading Joy | Kickin' Ass Helen ~ owner & founder BISCo ** = not necessarily the real reason she came to Canada but it's the best we could get out of her.

Our Partners

Our company supports “One Tree Planted”, a non-profit organisation for global reforestation because we want to keep the earth around for our next big adventure.