What's So Special About Our Sassy Soy Wood Wick Candles

What's So Special About Our Sassy Soy Wood Wick Candles

What's So Special About Our Sassy Soy Wood Wick Candles

We're not gonna lie.

Wood wick candles are one of the coolest things EVARRR.

And over here at BISCo we pour every single one of our sassy soy wood wick candles by hand in small batches in our artisan workshop here on Bowen Island.

That's because we don't believe in big batch, robot produced products cuz our parents taught us that a true artisan knows their craft inside and out.

What does that mean for you?

Well, we really know our sh!t. And, we really, really care what we put out.

But we aren't Amazon. Or Walmart. Or Costco or Sainsburys or any other huge chain.

We're little. And proudly handmade. And we like it that way.

We just wanted to let you know that before you buy. And we hope you know why that is. But if you're here, we're pretty sure you do. And we're pretty sure that's why you're considering buying our kickass candles.


So, why soy?

We use eco-soy in our candles because it provides a clean, long-lasting burn that’s better for you and better for the environment than something like paraffin - which is what most of the big companies use.

We won't name names here but if you're shopping from the big stores they're often using a paraffin blend. Yes, even if it says it's a soy candle on the label.

That's because the soy % only needs to be slightly higher than the paraffin for it to be classified as a soy candle.

FYI - we aren't doing that. We really are using soy.

And the company we get our soy from uses sustainable practises so the planet is happy. Plus, their soy is GMO free so we're happy.

Why wood wicks?

Aside from being super cool with their crackling flame, our wood wicks are sustainably sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills.

Wood wicks are better for the environment than cotton wicks because you get many more wicks from a tree than you do a cotton plant and you're also you're helping us replenish the trees we use in our products and packaging because your purchases go towards our work with global reforestation non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted.

Pretty cool, huh?

Single candle against wood background with red decorative potpourri surrounding it

Our scents

We hand blend our scents using the highest quality oils to create unique fragrances that are always skin safe, eco-friendly and phthalate and paraben free.

Do please check our candle scents and the candle description prior to purchase so you can make an informed decision and keep your nose, body, family, friends, pets...etc. happy.

Candle Best Use & Safety

To ensure an even burn:

  • Light the wooden wick across the candle
  • Allow it to burn until the wax melts out to the edges of the container.
  • This may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

This will create an even “melt pool” which will optimize each subsequent burn.

Never burn a candle for more than 4 hours at a time and carefully clip your wick using wick trimmers, nail trimmers or something with a similar blade after each use to 1/4" (basically, get rid of the black bits) for optimal burn and to reduce soot.

Keep candle away from drafts, children and pets and ensure it is placed on a heat safe, secure surface to burn.

Never leave a burning candle unattended, eat well and srsly exercise yo' sassy self.

Once your candle has burned to 1/2" from the bottom of the jar, you can melt the remaining soy wax in very hot water and wipe the jar clean and either recycle it or reuse it.

If you'd like to use the remaining wax that's left in your candle once the wick has burned down

(because there will be a bit left at the bottom)

First, you have to pinky promise us you are only going to do this if you are going to be SUPER CAREFUL. Promise? Okay.

CAREFULLY: Melt the remaining wax with a hair dryer or similar and pour into a heat safe container such as a silicone ice cube tray to set.

CAUTION: The wax will be hot enough to burn your skin so pour it extremely carefully from the container. The container will also be hot so DO NOT handle with bare hands.

Once the wax has set, you can use it as a "wax melt" in a wax melt burner. A quick search on the internet will give you the best instructions for how to use these and where you can get them from.

You can then enjoy your remaining candle scent over and over for longer!

Please note, if you do choose to do this, Bowen Island Soap Company is not responsible for any accidents, issues or anything else that may arise as a result of you repurposing the wax or the candle container. Mmmm'kay?



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