Hand-Poured, Organic Shea, Lip Balm


We love this time of year, don’t you?

The fresh air, crackling wood smoke, seeing your breath as you walk outside in the cool air then scoot quickly back inside to warm up by the fire.

The one thing we don’t love is our lips constantly cracking and peeling because of the changing temperatures from hot to cold to hot again. The fresh air is great! But it plays havoc with our poor lips. And we've never found a lip balm that really works.

Until now.

Introducing our hand-poured, organic shea butter lip balms! Entirely plant-based, these little lippies will smooth your lips back to soft so you can get on with your day.

And with several flavour choices to choose from, you can have one in every pocket!

With soothing, organic Shea butter, and healing avocado and almond oils and plant-based candelilla wax (basically, vegan beeswax).

Pick up one for yourself, your girlfriend, your coworkers, your mom... Heck, get them for EVERYONE!

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