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Amla Amour - Solid shampoo for dark hair

BISCo is on a mission to make your hair beautiful, one strand at a time.


Remember those shampoo ads in the 90s? Those fabulous women with the poufy hair, flinging their head from side to side waxing lyrical about how their head smelled of the tropics?


Well, amla amour won’t give you that.


What it will give you is healthy, shiny, beautiful looking hair without chemicals, parabens, sulphates, palm oil or phthalates.


And, it’s plastic-free. So, no pesky bottle polluting the planet. Pretty neat, eh?


Plus, with its lavender and lemongrass combo, it smells DIVINE. And with amla to make your dark hair shine, it’s a pretty amazing little bar.


So, what are you waiting for? Beautiful locks in a handy, portable bar that you can on your next trip.

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