Candle jar recycling program - send us back your jars for 10% off candle purchases

Have you purchased a jar candle (or 2 or 3!) from us and are now wondering what to do with the jars?

Send them back to us!

That's right, if you bring us - or ship us - our jars back we'll give you a special 10% off candle coupon.

For us to be able to reuse the jars they must:

Be intact - that is chip free, crack free and not damaged in any way so we can safely reuse them.

Be completely clean- free of all debris, labels and wax. When you're finished with your candle jar, we recommend running it through the dishwasher on a hot wash to get rid of debris.

Have all parts as they came - this includes the jar and original lid plus any other integral parts for is to be able to reuse the jar e.g., foam liner for the lid.


Once you've followed the steps above, we would recommend wrapping your jars in bubble wrap to prevent damage then putting them in a sturdy box or bubble mailer (depending on how many you're sending).

  • Please ensure the jars are secure and can't move around in whatever type of packaging you choose.
  • Please mark the package as "fragile" / "handle with care".

Send your jars to:

Bowen Island Soap Company

P.O Box 92

944 Dorman Road

Bowen Island

V0N 1G0




Please contact us to drop off your jars once you have followed the above steps to prepare your jars for reuse.


Once we receive and inspect your jars to ensure we can reuse them we will send you your coupon.**


Thank you so much for helping us be more sustainable!


** - Please note:

  • Only one 10% off coupon will be given per customer / postal address per month.
  • We will only send coupons for intact, clean, reusable jars as specified above.
  • Participation in the jar return / recycling program is your choice. Bowen Island Soap Company is not responsible for damages, breakages, packaging, shipping costs, shipping issues, loss or any other matters related to your participation the program.
  • Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.