Mount Gardner - soap for hardworking hands

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Scrub your troubles away with this beautifully scented lemongrass & sweet orange bar.

Brilliant for cleaning up after gardening, crafts, or any kind of hands-on, down and dirty tasks that need that extra bit of cleaning power but still leave your skin nourished and cared for. With cornmeal for that extra bit of scrub.

Because Mount Gardner has extra scrub in it, we don't recommend using it directly on delicate areas.

Plant-based, not tested on animals and contains no SLS, parabens, plastic wrap or palm oil because we love our earth (and your skin) as much as you.

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic unrefined Shea Butter, Water, Organic Castor Seed Oil, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Corn Kernel Meal, Coffee Seed, Parfum, Organic Cane Sugar, Sodium Lactate, Moroccan Lava Clay, Iron Oxide

Designed and handmade on Bowen Island, BC, Canada. Approx. 115g. 7cm x 7cm x 2.3cm