What's so effin' kickass about us i.e., who we are and what we do

April 09, 2021

Aside from the fact we know how and when to use i.e., rather than e.g., I mean, that alone should have sold you on the fact we're awesome...

Okay, let's start this thing properly.

Well, hello! It's great to meet you!

If you're new to BISCo, let me introduce myself.

I’m Helen, owner and founder of Bowen Island Soap Company.

I’m a dreamer, a doer, a maker and a crafter. Yes, I'm a grammar nerd (thanks, Mum) which means if I post something and it's wrong - I delete it and repost it. Yes. I'm one of those. 

I'm only judging myself, by the way. Well...

I’m quiet and kooky and funny and all the things in between. I love nature and trail running and animals and caring for the planet.

I laugh at silly things and cry when no-one’s looking.

I eat too many sweets and swear too much and I also believe that good things happen to good people.

And I know you do too. That’s why you’re here.

When I’m not crafting our awesome products, you’ll find me zipping in and around giant trees and mountains with a huge grin on my face.
Some people ask me how the heck all of this relates to Bowen Island Soap Company.


All of our products are plant-based, cruelty-free and made from good stuff. And they're sustainably sourced because we love the earth as much as you do.

Plus, we’re eco-conscious so we plant trees with every purchase (and because trees are f*ck!n awesome).

What does that mean for you?

Use any of our products and you can feel good inside and out knowing you made the right choice that not only are you making someone's day by sending them an awesome gift but you're helping the planet.

So you're basically a gift giving super hero.

And who doesn't want to be a super hero?

So, give us a try and help us plant some more trees. Because seriously, trees are awesome.

And so are you.

~ Helen

p.s. here are some of our most popular products for you to take a look at.



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