August 26, 2020

The first week of September is Self Care Week.
To get us all in the self-care mood, I’m sharing my 4 top self-care tips for busy people because I don’t know about you but life is pretty busy around here!

1. Establish a morning self-care routine.

Rather than allowing myself to get overwhelmed and try to catch up on self-care in one day, I’ve started a regimen of exercise and reflection every morning. By making and taking time for myself each and every morning, I get ahead of stress and start the day grounded and ready for what I need to do.


2. Reward yourself.

Treats are nice. We all like them. Make a list of small things you can treat yourself with - spa day, that book you’ve been wanting to read, even an afternoon off to do whatever you like without guilt that you *should be doing something* - and then gift them to yourself! Especially after you’ve done a great job on a tough project or gotten your business through a rough patch. Because they’re small, they won’t kill your budget, and a fresher, happier you will reap significant rewards.

3. Reflect on what you’re grateful for and the best things that happened today.

I love my morning routine, but it’s my evening routine where I can reflect. In the evenings before bed, I conduct gratitude exercises where I verbalise what I’m grateful for in my life and the best things that happened that day as I perform thoughtful movements. I end by thanking the day for all its gifts and the ability to keep pursuing my goals. This puts me in a state of appreciation and gratitude which I then use to map out my goals for the next day.

4. Sleep, exercise & eat well

We all know we should but how many of us do? We’re busy, running from one thing to the next, grabbing a snack where we can. I’m the same way!

So, I prep meals in advance so I always have something for when I *really* don’t feel like cooking. I do the same with high quality hydration.
I also exercise five times a week. A mix of trail running, strength training and cross-training to keep my body strong (I’ve had 2 knee operations so that’s important) so it can do what I need to do.
Lastly, I like to sleep at least eight hours every night and I don’t set an alarm unless I absolutely have to because I know I don’t sleep well with them. I’ve trained my body to wake up when I need and I feel so much better without the dread of an alarm going off! See if you can give it a go.
So, there are my tips. Take a look and see what works for you then drop me a comment. I’d love to know your top self-care tips!
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Until next time,

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